Evelyn Rubio

No News “Jus’ The Blues”

James Boogaloo Bolden – No News “Jus’ the Blues”

Trumpeter, bandleader and occasional vocalist James “Boogaloo” Bolden leads a robust band through a solid session that mixes energetic covers (“Big Boss Man”) with original and topical blues material. While Bolden’s tune “Hey There Pretty Woman” contains his earnest lead and Eric Demmer’s fiery sax solo, the hottest pieces are those featuring Evelyn Rubio, particularly “Any Day Getaway” and “I Don’t You,” which is also Rubio’s composition. Elements of soul, funk ad blues are incorporated within the band’s repertoire, but the blues is their major focus, and they play it with zest and style on every selection.


  1. Big Boss Man
  2. Pocket Full of Money
  3. Any Day Getaway
  4. Hey Little Man
  5. Don’t Talk to Me
  6. I Don’t Know You
  7. Hey There Pretty Woman
  8. Just So and So
  9. Border Town
  10. No News “Jus’ the Blues”
  11. Border Town (Spanish Version)

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