Evelyn Rubio

La Mujer Que Canta Blues

Evelyn Rubio and the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra – La Mujer Que Canta Blues

Evelyn Rubio is a young saxophone playing blues woman from Mexico City who has been transplanted to Houston under the aegis of Calvin Owens, whose Blues Orchestra does a stellar job in backing her on this CD. Sung primarily in Spanish, her blues feeling ably comes through without regard to language barriers. Lizette Cobb, daughter of saxophone legend, Arnett Cobb, says ‘I don t understand what she is saying, but I can feel what she is singing about.’ Evelyn Rubio is the real deal in both Spanish and English.


  1. La Mujer Que Canta Blues
  2. Fiesta de Blues
  3. Francine
  4. Lo Que Tu Pierdes
  5. Las Manos de Mi Hombre
  6. Un Blues Que Cantar
  7. El Gato
  8. Houston Es el Lugar Para Mi
  9. Solo Eres Tu
  10. De Pie Otra Vez
  11. Amor en Charola de Plata
  12. Swing Boogie
  13. Desde Que Te Encontre
  14. Me Dejo Cantando un Triste Blues

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