Evelyn Rubio

Hombres (English Version)

Evelyn Rubio and the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra – Hombres (English Version)

Welcome to the album that Evelyn Rubio has long seemed destined to create. Here, more brilliantly than ever before, she showcases her depth of talent as singer, saxophonist, and songwriter. Here, more cohesively than ever before, she fuses sonic elements of blues, jazz and pop into one lovingly crafted work of art. Here she literally unites past and present to create timeless songs.


  1. Hombres
  2. Meant To Be
  3. Keep On Moving
  4. Don’t You Want a Woman Like Me
  5. Freedom
  6. I’m Gonna Love You Tonight
  7. My Saxophone
  8. I Still Love You
  9. We All Have a Choice (feat Calvin Owens) & Tommy Lee Bradley
  10. Con El Gringo (feat Calvin Owens)
  11. It’s So Easy

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