Evelyn Rubio

Crossing Borders

Evelyn Rubio – Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders, it is an album in which I gave myself the permission to explore other sounds different from what I had been doing. Between Blues, rock, jazz and a little Country stories of love and love are interwoven; of not being able to understand the pain, the injustice: the pride of recognizing where I come from and where I am going.


  1. One More Last Time
  2. Still On Your Side
  3. Just Like a Drug
  4. Port Isabel
  5. He Did Me Wrong, But He Did It Right
  6. I Don’t Understand
  7. When You Say You’re Sorry
  8. Border Town
  9. Mistake
  10. Cruel
  11. What a Way To Go
  12. Besame Mucho
  13. He Did Me Wrong, But He Did It Right (Spanish Version)
  14. Cruel (Spanish Version)
  15. Border Town (Spanish Version)

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