Evelyn Rubio


“Crossing Borders” Album Review by Blues News Finland

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2020 – Blues News Finland Translation 

Evelyn Rubio 

The pages of Blues News magazine have deservedly presented saxophonists from previous years, so it might be appropriate to introduce a recent one. The stack of review records featured an album released in the spring by Evelyn Rubio, a singing saxophonist born and raised in Mexico and who now resides in Houston, Texas. She has previously released the albums “Automarginados”, “La Mujer Que Canta Blues” and “Hombres”, the latter of which is available in both Spanish and English versions. 

The CD starts off explosively. When One More Last Time begins to play I literally fall from the chair. Fortunately, the track is not full of howling sax because I might not be able to listen to one. The music is modern sung blues with clear Latin influences and suitably spiced with soul. After a nice opening track, outlaw country rock Still On Your Side, steeped in blues, is next in line. After a couple of tougher tracks, a slightly slower mood is featured in the next few songs. The rest of the record then alternates between faster and slower tracks. 

The album was produced by Larry Fucher with musicians from the Phantom Blues Band backing Rubio. The task is supported by ace guitarists David Grissom and Josh Skilar. By far the most interesting tracks on the album are at the end. Interpreted in the style of John Lee Hooker, Besame Mucho is the most special choice on the album. As a bonus, we also get Spanish versions of the songs He Did Me Wrong, But Did It Right, Cruel, and Border Town, which I like more than the English versions. What more can I say: blues music has no boundaries, neither musical nor linguistic.