Evelyn Rubio


“Crossing Borders is sultry blues at its finest and Rubio shows huge dedication to her craft” by Blues Matters!

JULY 2nd, 2020 – Evelyn Rubio was born and raised in Mexico City. She has amassed a bunch of top-class musicians, including members of The Phantom Blues Band. I was lucky enough to review their latest album a couple of months ago, so when I saw that they were involved, I knew I was going to love this album. The album kicks off with One Last Time with a real funky grove. Evelyn’s voice is raspy and gruff, so is perfectly suited to the funk/blues style of tune such as this. John Sklair on guitar keeps this tune firmly on track. Still On Your Side continues in a more bluesy vain. This lady has a blues vocal that you only find every so often. Powerful and commanding, but also an understanding of delivery. On top of all that she plays a mean saxophone throughout the entire album. He Did Me Wrong But He Did Me Right is not your average song title. And this is not your average song. It is sultry blues at its finest. Evelyn’s vocals are amazing here and the backing of her superb band is exquisite. When You Say You’re Sorry is just another jewel in the crown. This whole album has so much going for it in so many ways. The thing that strikes me about Evelyn Rubio is her understanding and feel for blues music. It shows huge dedication to her craft. Border Town is a very soulful tune with a generous helping of blues thrown in for good measure. Cruel has a kind of smoke-filled bar- room appeal. Swing, with a touch of Jazz, you could almost imagine Nina Simone singing this. A compliment. Besome Mucho is acoustic blues at its absolute best. Sang entirely in her native Spanish tongue she delivers a masterclass in acoustic blues. Throw in a blues harp and what you get is a stunning conclusion to a stunning album. I am certain that in a live setting she will raise the bar even higher. One to keep a close eye on.


Link: https://bluesmatters.com/