Evelyn Rubio


“Rubio possesses a great voice and when you add her charm and charisma you have a winning formula that is destined for the masses to hear” by Bob Silvestri

MAY 15th, 2020 – Blues rock singer and sax player Evelyn Rubio was born in the barrios of Mexico City and found music at a young age. Realizing she would need to leave Mexico and move to the United States to achieve her dreams she landed in Houston and continued her artistic growth. She found the right connections, recorded an album and toured Europe and other markets crossing borders all over the world. On Rubio’s newest album titled Crossing Borders she crosses musical borders adding country, jazz, Latin and more to her blues rock style. The album is helmed by Grammy winner Larry Fulcher and features members of his own Phantom Blues Band (Mike Finnegan, Johnny Lee Schell and Tony Braunagel) and an All Star cast of musicians including David Grissom, Kirk Covington, Red Young, Zach Pearson, Etta James’ guitarist John Sklair, member of 70’s band Spirit, Al Staehely and Mark Andes along with Kenny Cordray who passed away a few weeks after recording these sessions. Highlights from Crossing Borders include the smooth rocking opener “One More Last Time”, the sassy country rock sound of “Still On Your Side”, the Latin groove and hot sax work on “Just Like A Drug” and the Rubio penned smooth Jazz scat of “Port Isabel”. Other tracks of note include a couple of smoky blues numbers “He Did Me Wrong But He Did It Right” and “Border Town”, the heartfelt ballad about trying to make sense of it all “I Don’t Understand”, “When You Say You’re Sorry” featuring Rubio’s soaring vocals, the raucous admission “Mistake”, the Jazzy blues strut of “Cruel”, the stadium size rocker “What a Way To Go” and a version of the classic “Besame Mucho” re-imagined as a Delta porch blues foot stomper. Three bonus Spanish versions of songs from the album are included and prove that the blues can be done with Spanish and Latin influences. Rubio possess a great voice and solid chops on the Sax when you add her charm and charisma you have a winning formula that is destined for the masses to hear. For more information on Evelyn Rubio and her new album Crossing Borders go to www.evelynrubio.com or visit www.facebook.com/evelynrubiosax

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